How To Really Choose The Best Pediatrician For Your Kid: In the following article we’ll be discussing a crucial topic that’s “How To Choose The Best Pediatrician For Your Kid” let’s discuss it in detail:

Parents tend to go to a lot of different extremes when choosing the best pediatrician for their kids.

Some do almost nothing compared to others and simply choose the pediatrician on call in the hospital when their baby is born or just pick a doctor randomly from a list in the phone book or someone from their insurance directory.

While others tend to do detailed research and then conduct an interview asking their potential new pediatrician everything from where they went to medical school to what their scores were on their medical boards to all other different questions.

When choosing a pediatrician, ensure you prefer your new doctor, and see if you agree on important parenting topics, like breastfeeding, discipline, and not overusing antibiotics, etc.

The Importance of Choosing a Pediatrician

Choosing the correct and best pediatrician is more important than most parents think. While you’ll be able to simply change doctors if you do not like the first pediatrician you see, if your newborn or older child is really sick, the first doctor you see could actually be making life-changing decisions about your kid. Or they could miss a potentially life-threatening problem.

So even though you have a healthy newborn or an older child with a simple cold or ear infection, you ought to put some thought into who cares for him/her, just in case his/her medical issues are a little more serious than you think.

Pediatrician Recommendations

A common way for parents to choose a pediatrician is to get a recommendation from their friends or family members. This is actually one of the best ways, however when someone tells you that they love going to their pediatrician, be sure to ask why before you blindly follow them to the same office.

Many parents have different needs and you’ll be really turned off by the reason that they like their doctor. For instance, they might like that their pediatrician is extremely fast and they are in and out of the office quickly, while you might like someone who moves slower as well as spends more time during the visit, even though it implies that you have to wait a little longer for your appointment. Or your friend might like that their pediatrician prescribes an antibiotic each time they walk into the office, whether or not they really need one.

On the opposite hand, you might get a negative report on a pediatrician only to find that they do not like the doctor because he doesn’t over-prescribe antibiotics, which is truly keeping to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You need to remember you should always try to get the reason or an explanation behind a recommendation in order to ensure you understand why someone likes or dislikes their pediatrician.

Furthermore, your family doctor can also be a good source for a recommendation for a pediatrician, especially if you are going to have a baby.

Choosing a Pediatrician

Although we tend to think that things such as cost as well as convenience should be secondary when making such an significant decision, they can be very vital when choosing a pediatrician. If the pediatrician you’d like to see isn’t on your insurance plan or is an hour away, it may not be very practical to go to her office.

Some practical matters which are important to consider when choosing a pediatrician, most of which you can ask the office staff, include:

Is the pediatrician on your insurance plan? If you do not have insurance or have a high deductible, then be sure to ask how much each visit costs and perhaps compare it to other pediatric offices in the area.

Where are you exactly located and do you have a online consultation?

Do you offer same day sick appointments?

Do you have any late or weekend hours?

What happens if I need advice after hours? Is a nurse or doctor always available on-call to talk to me? Will I be charged for these type of calls?

What hospitals is the pediatrician affiliated with? This is especially vital if you have a Children’s Hospital in your area and you wish for a doctor that will see you if you have to go there.

Are there any type of hidden or extra charges for advice calls during the day, after hours advice calls, refilling medicines, or even requests to fill out forms, etc.?

How many doctors are in the office? Will I always see my own doctor?

Are the doctors all board-certified?

How long is a typical appointment?

Are there separate sick and well waiting rooms?

Another practical matter to consider is whether or not you want to go with a group practice or a solo practitioner. The advantages of a private practitioner or a pediatrician like us is that you can be sure that you will always see your preferred doctor. The biggest downside is that if your pediatrician takes a while off, either for a vacation or if he takes an afternoon off, then you may need to wait for an appointment or go to another office.

In a group practice, you always see your own pediatrician once they are in the office and have the advantage of seeing another doctor if they’re out. Larger offices often have the advantage of sharing expenses and may have more equipment in the office, like a lab, so that you do not need to go somewhere else to get blood work done.

Once you find a pediatrician you think you would possibly like or is best for your kids, consider scheduling a “new mom” consult to interview them. These appointments work for new dads, too.

Interviewing Pediatricians

Although you’ll be able to typically narrow down your choice of pediatricians by deciding who is on your insurance plan and in your area, who is accepting new patients and getting some recommendations from friends and family, the best way to find a really good pediatrician is to truly set up an appointment and meet with some.

Keep in mind that while most parents like to think that they’re searching for a good pediatrician, you’re mostly trying to find a pediatrician who is good for you and your family. And that usually comes down to how well your personalities fit together.

A couple of good questions to ask during this interview to assist figure out if you have found a good fit include:

What are good reasons to get a 2nd opinion from a specialist? (A really good answer is because either the pediatrician or the parent actually wants one. A parent should be able to get a 2nd opinion if they think it is vital)

How long should I really breastfeed my baby?

What is your basic philosophy on immunizations, discipline, potty training, prescribing antibiotics, and other several things?

What is your real opinion on co-sleeping, alternative medicine, attachment parenting, etc.?

Also, setting up an appointment to interview a pediatrician is simply not something you’ll be able to do when you are pregnant. Moreover, if you already have children as well as have moved to a new area or are simply changing doctors, it can actually still be a good idea to meet with some doctors before actually choosing a new pediatrician.

Most importantly, remember that it doesn’t necessarily matter whether or not your pediatrician went to the best school of medicine or finished first in her class, so those aren’t vital things to ask about. You are really searching for someone who is going to care about your child, listen to and reply to your needs, and be available when you need her. And while you’ll need to initially trust your instincts that you found the right pediatrician, it’s going to take several visits or maybe several years to know for sure.

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