Holistic Approach
Holistic health is a form of healing that focuses on the whole person: body, mind & spirit. It involves Modern medicine & Alternative system of Medicine. It includes:
– Allopathic medicine
– Yoga & meditation
– Diet
– Physiotherapy
– Psychological counseling

When all of these complementary therapies come together for holistic healing, a person will feel well at a deeper level. That permits for a more joyful & truly healthy style of living.

Importance of the Holistic approach:
At present people are feeling a high level of stress & fatigue. Consuming potentially dangerous chemicals through food, air, water, soil & personal care products daily. Many persons are living with chronic diseases & It is the right time that a holistic(whole-body/Complete) solution should become a standard part of the treatment.
Many external & environmental factors affecting our overall health & wellness & climate change influencing our surroundings daily. So we have to address health in a systematic way in the future in a holistic way. It has 5 aspects.
– Physical
– Emotional
– Social
– Spiritual
– Mental

All of these 5 aspects of holistic health enable a person to truly live in the healthiest happiest way possible. If one area has compromised another area also affected. So you can support each health by following ways
A. Physical health
1. Take a sound sleep of 8 hrs.
2. Take a nutrient-rich diet
3. Do exercise/yoga
4. Limit processed food
5. Do not smoke
6. Avoid excess alcohol consumption
B) Emotional Health: -It can be improved by following
1- Practice Mindfulness (Always focus on present work)
2- Meditation.
3-Keep a journal to record your ideas & feelings
4-Gratefulnuss to others
C). Social Health: – According to research the happiest people on the earth have deep connections with their friends, family & community. You can improve your social health by.
a) Making personal connections not virtual only.
b) Get involved in your local community.

D). Spiritual Health -You can support your spiritual health by-.
1-Spending time in nature.
2-Spending a few minutes each day meditating.
3- Prayer.
E) Mental Health: Mental health is our cognitive abilities that affect how our brain functions. You can support your mental health by.
a) Keep your mind active by seeking out learning opportunities & problem-solving practices that challenge your brain.
b) Take a balanced diet with antioxidant & Omega -3Fatty Acid. It decreases inflammation & supports cognitive function.
c) Avoid smoking & excess drinking.
d) Improve digestive health by prebiotic & probiotic-rich foods. A healthy gut is essential for a healthy mind.
The goal of holistic health is to attain maximum well-being.
The United States of America Center for Disease Control and Prevention report says that key factors influencing in individuals state of health are
1-Quality of medical care-10%,
2-Heredity – 18%
4-Lifestyle choices 53% like what they consume physically & mentally.
So if you want to live a healthy and happy life adopt a holistic approach to health

This video is taken from YouTube https://youtu.be/uEqyK2fWa1w


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